About LadyFinger

LadyFinger is designed to bring like-minded women together to connect in the rawest and truest form – EXPERIENCE. Life is an experience, being a woman is an experience, and being a woman in today’s society and culture is an experience. I believe every woman has a story, and often those stories aren’t told. I hope that by sharing mine, I can inspire others to share theirs too.

About Me

I’m just your everyday 20-something chick, bulldozing through life while attempting to tip-toe ever so elegantly in the most acceptable fashion. I have a laugh that can be heard miles away and enough sarcasm and sass to keep you on your toes. I often find that adventure, ridiculousness, magic, and mayhem follow me everywhere I go. But with that so do mistakes, heartbreak, betrayal, and pain. Janis Joplin once said, “I just want to feel as much as I can, it’s what ‘soul’ is all about.” I can relate. Life hasn’t always been easy, most of the time I’m to blame. But one thing is true; I never stop feeling, thinking, learning, loving and experiencing the wonders of this world. I’ve got soul, and that soul lies in this perfectly polished lady finger that’s dipped in moonlight, and passion.

While I hope you can relate, I also just hope you can laugh.